Coalition for a Safe & Responsible Ohio

WBWAO is a founding member of the Coalition for a Safe and Responsible Ohio, a grassroots organization of safety- conscious groups and concerned individuals united to promote safe and responsible alcohol sales in Ohio to protect our communities and our young citizens.

The Coalition believes alcohol sales must be properly regulated in Ohio. Eliminating Ohio’s three-tier system which currently regulates the sale of alcoholic beverages would be detrimental to the state and will make it much easier for underage consumers to acquire alcohol beverages.

Coalition Members

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Association of Ohio
Buckeye State Sheriffs’ Association
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities
Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators
Ohio Council of Retail Merchants
Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services
Ohio Department of Commerce
Ohio Department of Health
Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services
Ohio Department of Public Safety
Ohio Department of Taxation
Ohio High School Athletic Association
Prevention Action Alliance
Wholesale Beer and Wine Association of Ohio
Winegrowers of Ohio, Inc.

Interested Parties:
Government Policy Group
Ohio Council of Behavioral Health & Family Services Providers
Ohio Liquor Commission