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Cork and Carry

For Ohio wine lovers: Consumers who have purchased a bottle of wine for consumption on the permit premises may reseal the bottle of wine and take the unconsumed wine off the premises without violating Ohio's open container law. The wine patron simply has to request that the bottle be "securely resealed". If the bottle is going into a motor vehicle, it must be placed in the trunk of the car or if the vehicle does not have a trunk "behind the last upright seat or in an area not normally occupied by the driver or passengers and not easily accessible by the driver." Ask your restaurant server about this convenient service - especially when you see a value in ordering a bottle of wine instead of a glass!

Ohio Casinos

WBWAO supports casino legislation which was passed in June, 2010 that says Ohio casinos will be treated the same as every other retail liquor permit holder. In other words, casinos must adhere to the same hours-of-selling and long-held laws restricting special offers and promotions. Ohio casinos will NOT have 24-hour sales or give consumers complimentary drinks.