Grassroots Responsibility

Community Focused

Members of the Wholesale Beer & Wine Association of Ohio (WBWAO) employ people who live in your community. We are involved in school and neighborhood projects, local sporting events, churches, charitable organizations and more.

Like you, our companies and employees are concerned about safe roads, healthy living, good government and personal responsibility. Because we are in the alcohol industry, we have a special interest in making sure our products are handled and consumed responsibly. Our commitment to prevention and education is on-going, with resources devoted to a variety of issues.

Underage Drinking

We support all community efforts to stop underage drinking.

Distributors offer retailers and other partners whether they are schools, civic organizations, parent groups, recreation providers or other many tools that can be effective:

  • Server training to employees in restaurants, bars, concert venues, colleges, festivals and more
  • Materials, training and point-of-sale to help retailers detect fake IDs
  • Guidebooks, websites, speakers and other materials to help parents talk to their children about the consequences of making bad decisions, including underage drinking

Drunk DrivingCar keys

Alcohol beverages should be consumed in moderation, and we support all efforts to get drunk drivers off the road.

The industry sponsors server training, designated driver and taxi/safe ride home programs in addition to special education programs aimed primarily at young adults. Whether it's at the local professional sports stadium, your favorite corner pub or restaurant or at a church festival, we encourage everyone to designate a driver or seek another safe ride home.

We also support laws and court rulings that penalize the high-BAC offender and the repeat offender.